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Aquarium Fish

Viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases commonly encountered in aquarium fish. Includes care and general management practices.

Avian Medicine 1

The important bacterial and viral diseases affecting poultry, pet, and wild birds.

Avian Medicine 2

The main fungal, parasitic, and protozoan diseases seen in poultry, pet, and wild birds. Includes care and management practices.

Bovine Medicine 1

The main diseases, conditions, and core information involving the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological, opthalmic and urinary systems.

Bovine Medicine 2

The core information covering the reproductive and gastrointestinal tracts, mastitis, husbandry practises, anthrax and foreign diseases.

Canine & Feline Medicine 1

The core information covering infectious viral diseases and mycoses of dogs and cats.

Canine & Feline Medicine 2

The main infectious bacterial and protozoan diseases of dogs and cats.











Basic principles involving Ethics and Jurisprudence.

Laboratory Animals 1

General husbandry practices, regulatory principles, and medical conditions seen in chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats.

Laboratory Animals 2

The medical diseases affecting ferrets, primates, and rabbits. Includes husbandry practices.


The core material for bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases of the swine. Includes management practices.

Public Health

Basic principles, regulations and food safety practices.


The core information on toxicants commonly encountered in veterinary practices.

Caprine & Ovine

The core information covering bacterial, parasitic, protozoan and viral diseases affecting sheep and goats. Includes husbandry practices.


The core information covering skin conditions seen in horses, pigs, ruminants and small animals.

Equine Medicine 1

The core information covering the common gastrointestinal diseases and complaints. 

Equine Medicine 2

The core information covering the main reproductive & urinary problems.

Equine Medicine 3

The core information covering musculoskeletal disorders, infectious disease and miscellaneous conditions.

Equine Medicine 4

Basic anaesthetic principles and respiratory conditions.