How to Pass the NCLEX

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) can be intimidating and you may be wondering how to pass it. At iSuperLearn, we provide our students with the tools they need to pass the exam with flying colors and begin a successful career in nursing—a growing and in-demand field.

If you’re wondering how to pass the NCLEX, repetition is key. When you take our online NCLEX course, we will take what is often a monotonous, repetitive task and transform it into an effortless one.

If you’re looking for a way to pass the NCLEX, it doesn’t have to involve hours hunched over a textbook until you go numb. Our method uses specially designed audio programs that cover the key areas of the NCLEX. You can then test your knowledge with a quick self-assessment quiz. You can do it while you’re sitting at home, or even on the bus or subway!

Our method uses cutting-edge technology to induce an alpha state of relaxation. When the mind is in an alpha state, it filters out distractions and makes learning—and studying for the NCLEX—easier. Hypnotherapists have long used this method to create lasting and positive changes for patients.

The voice track for our ALPHA audio learning modules is overlaid with special tones and beats to help induce an alpha state to better facilitate learning. Repetition of each lesson while you are in an alpha state ensures that what you learn will remain in your memory. If you’re aiming to pass the NCLEX, this is vital.

Our learning modules also include positive affirmations that were recorded by a certified hypnotherapist to enhance the listener’s self-esteem, improve memory recall, and instill a sense of confidence. If you feel positive going into your exam, the greater the chance you’ll pass, and you’ll feel nothing but positive with NCLEX prep from iSuperLearn.