Working Smarter!

Repetition is the key to memorization. This is the principle behind traditional “brute force” learning: reviewing your textbooks and notes over and over for days, weeks, months…until the information is beaten into your brain (you hope!).

iSuperLearn transforms your study experience from mind-numbing repetition to (almost) effortless learning by moving the work of repetition from your conscious mind to your subconscious.

Instead of spending hours each day hunched over your desk, you relax and listen to audio programs that cover key study material, then test your knowledge with a quick self-assessment quiz. Later, you review the same material by listening while doing just about any activity, from jogging to cooking to sleeping. It’s that simple – and that powerful!


The science behind iSuperLearn

  How iSuperLearn works – and why

When someone is in a state of deep relaxation (the “alpha state”), the filtering processes of the conscious mind are greatly reduced and the subconscious mind is open to receive suggestions and information. Hypnotherapists have long used the alpha state to induce significant change via suggestion. More recently, researchers have found that facts presented to the subconscious are retained indefinitely.

iSuperLearn builds knowledge – and confidence

iSuperLearn uses cutting-edge technology to induce the alpha state relaxation that facilitates learning. The material for each iSuperLearn course is distilled by experts into key units of information. These units are recorded as a voice track which is overlaid with special tones and beats which induce the alpha state. Repetitions of each unit while the listener is in this relaxed state ensure the information is effortlessly stored in short-term memory.

This alpha state audio program also includes positive affirmations that were designed and recorded by a certified hypnotherapist to enhance self-esteem, improve memory recall and instil a confident outlook that maximizes the chances of success.

After listening to the alpha state recording, students can complete a fill-in-the-blank self-assessment quiz. This helps to transfer the information from short- to long-term memory while skilfully creating a fun interaction. Learning and success become desired expectations.

Students further reinforce retention of study material by listening to a second version of the audio program, the environmental learning (EL) version. This version has no tones or beats, only an accelerated reading pace for the material against the soothing sounds of ocean waves.  This version has been specifically created for listening to while doing virtually any activity: riding the bus, exercising, eating, watching television, even sleeping. EL literally turns downtime into productive study time.

Instead of becoming tired and frustrated from spending days on end chained to your desk, you will invest a more reasonable amount of dedicated study time – at most, two 70-minute sessions per day of ALPHA learning and doing the self-assessment quizzes. You can devote the rest of your day to other priorities, while reinforcing your learning by listening to the EL version as you eat, commute, run errands or simply relax.

While iSuperLearn makes studying less arduous, this is the least of the benefits the system has to offer. True learning goes beyond memorization; students need to be able to integrate information and apply it across different disciplines. With traditional study methods, a great deal of time and energy is required to reach this level of expertise. The iSuperLearn system offers a legitimate shortcut.

Your subconscious mind: The key to super learning

By presenting information directly to the subconscious mind, iSuperLearn allows students to quickly absorb and master subject matter at the subconscious level.  In a relatively short amount of time, retrieval and processing of material studied through iSuperLearn become automatic. You will be able to make a diagnosis based on a set of symptoms and prescribe an appropriate treatment as quickly and smoothly as you drive a car through constantly changing traffic – with hardly any conscious thought. In effect, iSuperLearn speeds up the learning process, rapidly moving you from “beginner” to “experienced.”

As the weeks pass, you will find that your growing mastery of the curriculum and the positive affirmations embedded in the AS audio programs are working together to create an attitude of confidence and optimism. You will realize that you are building not only a solid foundation of knowledge but the “success mindset” that will allow you to pass your exams with flying colours.

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