The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has taken a long, slow path to creeping into the consciousness of modern day medicine. But while its supposed benefits have been constantly opposed and dismissed, the experts at iSuperLearn are happy to report that current science has finally acknowledged the practical medical benefits of meditation and the positive role it plays in bettering people’s lives.

iSuperLearn Shares the Ambition of Spritz to Change the Way People Absorb Information

When we at iSuperLearn started our journey to change the way people absorb information, we were met with a lot of skepticism based on all sorts of negative assumptions, from faulty science to comments that what we were doing would never work. We’ve basically heard—and in some cases, continue to hear—all the doubters that didn’t believe our system and technology would make a definite impact on the nature of learning, studying, and retaining information. But here we are today, continuing to positively affect the way people study and changing the perception on what it is to consume and retain information.

Technology Transforming Education Around the World

The U.S. continues to spend more on education than any other developed country in the world, despite a one-percent cut in educational spending since the 2008 recession. The government takes on the majority of these costs, covering roughly 70% of the tally, while parents and private foundations account for the rest of the funding.


iSuperLearn, the leading provider of exam preparation tools, has always prided itself on being an innovator in the field of education. We understand how people best retain information and have developed a system that we feel accommodates the core principles of study, particularly for major tests like the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for nursing.

Sleep and Pass the NCLEX

For students looking to pass the NCLEX, pulling all-nighters in an attempt to cram in as much information as possible may be tempting. However, iSuperLearn, the top provider of preparation for the NCLEX, tells their clients to take a different approach to studying for the exam.


It is recommended that people sleep at least six to seven hours a night. However, many students find it necessary to “burn the midnight oil,” and as a result, they are sleep-deprived. It may not be obvious; in fact, they may appear to function normally, lulling them into a false sense of confidence. However, this lack of sleep adds up over time.

If at First You Don’t Succeed: What to Do After Failing the NCLEX

Preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a daunting task, and many nursing students may not pass the test on their first try.


According to iSuperLearn, a leading provider of NCLEX preparation tools, there are any number of reasons why you may not pass the exam. The first and foremost reason is anxiety, which can contribute considerably to exam jitters and poor performance, resulting in a failing grade.

Best Advice for How to Pass the NCLEX

Taking the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is an important step in your career to becoming a nurse, but you may find yourself wondering how to pass the NCLEX. iSuperLearn, the leading provider of online preparation for the NCLEX, tells their students that if they follow these simple steps, passing the NCLEX can be a breeze.


One of the best tips we can give on how to pass the NCLEX is to pay attention in nursing school; if you do well in school, you will be much better prepared to take the exam. Having practical, hands-on experience helps as well, since it will give you a chance to read up on different medications.


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